Japan Casting Enginnering(JCE).

The skills of
by a select few

Top market share in Japan!
We have three features.

As our name would suggest, our company is involved in the the creation of materials for casting, and various forms of research regarding casting.
We offer the use of our knowledge of metallurgy along with thermal spraying and blasting surface treatment.

Treatment products for copper alloys

Lowering the amount of gas defects in metal, reducing the impurities of metal, improving the casting texture.
In order to find a solution to problems such as these, we manufacture various types of flux for use with casting machinery and melting furnaces.
We also manufacture and produce various tools and graphite products for use with casting and melting, as well as industrial chemicals.

Japan Casting EngineeringThree Features

  1. 01

    Our treatment products for copper alloys are top market share in Japan.

    The company controls the Japan’s top market share in casting flux and melting furnace flux, helped by its unique technologies.

  2. 02

    We make the product which matched your company.

    The melting furnaces and casting machines of each company differ, therefore the necessary flux also changes.Our company proposes products to suit each company.

  3. 03

    We think about the casting plan together.

    There are many problems which cannot be solved with flux alone.
    We think about the casting plan together.

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