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Casting flux

Casting flux,
Mold powder

The following are common problems faced
by customers when casting with copper and copper alloy.

  • I want to reduce the amount of oxide! (entrainment avoidance)
  • I want to reduce the oxide sticking to the mold (template)!
  • I want to reduce the transverse cracks and vertical cracks (vertical reinforcement) in the ingots!!
  • I want to remove heat uniformly, and I want to change the cooling rate!
  • I want to reduce pin-hole type defects! – I want to reduce flux entrainment!
  • I want to reduce environmentally hazardous substances!

The above are overwhelmingly the most frequent examples at casting sites.

Japan Casting EngineeringCasting flux,
Mold powder

Casting machines for copper and copper alloys, vertical type continuous casting machines, vertical semi-continuous casting machines, and horizontal continuous casting machines are overwhelmingly the most frequently found casting machines. Among these, regarding vertical casting machines, most of them are using flux or coating materials in the mold (template).
Regarding flux and coating materials, for almost 60 years we have been manufacturing various kinds of products in accordance with each company’s casting machines. In addition, even for the places where molten metal flows and accumulates up until it enters the casting machine, unless the greatest of care is taken, a fine oxide will be entrained.
Our company has coating materials that can be used even in such places.

Elements required in casting flux

Effect Remarks
Oxidation prevention Because copper alloy is molten metal just before solidifying, oxidation at this place must be minimized as much as possible. Therefore, flux that can cleanly cover the surface of the molten metal is required.
Removal of non-metallic inclusions Because oxide (non-metallic inclusions) from added elements will become entrained unless supplemented and removed, a flux with high supplemental and removal capabilities is needed.
Lubricating properties Because many scratches and transverse cracks occur when the mold and ingot have poor lubricating properties, a flux with high lubricating properties is needed.
Heat removal properties Because wobbling, cracks, and internal defects of the ingot occur when heat removal is not uniform during solidification, the flux must have a uniform heat removal effect.

Representative flux
Mand effect of the flux

Use and intended use Flux type Effect
[Copper alloy high in copper concentration]
*Additive elements
  • L…flux
  • TD…flux
  • LCF…flux
  • etc.
For the casting of copper alloy with active elements added, the oxides of those active elements cause surface roughening, entrainment, and breaking.
Our company offers flux that raises the supplementation of these oxides to the maximum and has good lubrication properties.
[Copper alloy high in copper concentration]
*Additive elements
  • LC…flux
  • CR…flux
  • TD…flux
  • etc.
When the elements at the left are added, oxide generation as well as cracks and vertical stripes due to Sn enter more easily.
We provide flux that alleviates both of these.
[Phosphorus deoxidized copper]
  • LC…flux
  • etc.
With deoxidized copper the quick covering of the molten metal surface is desired.
We provide flux that emphasizes spread.
[Nickel silver, Cupronickel,etc.]
The copper alloy which has high melting point
  • CN…flux
  • RS…flux
  • etc.
It is an alloy type that has many pin-hole type defects and cracks, and our company provides flux with good gas release properties, and is well adjusted to allow heat removal as uniformly as possible.
[Red Brass]
  • M…flux
  • RB…flux
  • etc.
Because it is a type of alloy that gets pin-holes easily and also degenerates flux easily, our company provides flux that does not easily degenerate or out-gas.
Yellow brass, High strength brass, Al brass, Leaded brass, etc.
  • B…flux
  • SS…flux
  • A…flux
  • etc.
There are various brass alloys, and it has a variety of problem points including flux entrainment, segregation, cracks, pin-holes, and surface roughness.
Our company provides a variety of fluxes that solve the problems of each company’s casting machines and situation.
  • PB…flux
  • CR…flux
  • etc.
Because it is a type of alloy that gets pin-holes easily and also degenerates flux easily, our company provides flux that does not easily degenerate or out-gas.
[Leadless copper compound metal]
  • B…flux
  • LC…flux
  • etc.
It pulls the harmful substance lead (Pb) from the components, and casting defects will vary considerably. Please consult with us first.

President of Japan Casting Engineering Co., Ltd. talksCopper’s bits of knowledge

The main characteristics of copper and copper alloys are

  • It has high electrical conductivity(it is widely used in electrical components such as wire)
  • It has high thermal conductivity(it is used in pans, floor heaters, etc.)
  • It has a beautiful color(Brass has a golden color, copper is reddish brown, and nickel is a silver)
  • It has an antibacterial effect(Its use in the medical field has begun)
The equilibrium relationship of oxygen in the molten metal and hydrogen against the water vapor pressure inside the furnace

The equilibrium relationship of oxygen  and hydrogen in the melted-copper.

The equilibrium relationship of oxygen and hydrogen in the melted-copper.

It is shown that in this relationship, the oxygen content in the molten metal is inversely proportional to the square of the hydrogen content, and this has important meaning for the degassing of the molten metal.
It is important to utilize this condition well to dissolve, but even then at the casting stage (to cast) gas remains in the molten metal, and during solidification it can turn into pinholes (a bubble nest) and become a defect.
Therefore, even when casting into the mold (casting), it is necessary to rigorously remove moisture before using coating material or flux, and various conditions are also required in those physical properties.
Our company can also propose methods for using those coating materials and flux.